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What do you get when you combine a life-long love of bread-making, a desire to make a difference, and friends who keep saying, “You ought to sell this stuff”?

You get an experiment called Noonday Bread.

In our opinion, Palatine is missing a vital part of what towns have had for centuries – a local bread baker.  While discussing this with our friend Carolyn, she mentioned that she was thinking of starting a bread subscription in her downtown Chicago neighborhood.

The juices got flowing and we began to talk about all of the benefit such an enterprise could provide beyond fabulous bread: educational opportunities for students, sweat equity opportunities for our children, and financial resources for causes we believe in.

So this current subscription service may be an entrepreneurial beginning to something bigger and longer term for us and our community. As with any venture, the story will evolve. But we appreciate your interest and involvement.

The Noonday Bread Team

Webmaster Duncan
Bread Kid 1
Bread Dude
The Boss

2 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Well, this won’t surprise you, given how slow an adopter I am, but this is the first day I’ve looked at your website. I was looking for the description of the cardamom bread while sharing it with a guest today. Who is bread kid 1?

    1. That was Cameron before his handle was upgraded to Bread Stud. I guess it’s time to update that page!

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