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You have questions. The Bread Dude has answers.  If we missed a question, submit it to and we’ll get him to jump right on it.

A bread subscription? What’s up with that?

Yeah, what is up with that? OK, here’s how it goes.  Imagine you were a music fan but didn’t have time to search out and download all of your favorite music.  And then someone comes along and offers to find music for you that you just might like.  And send it to you! Every week for a month! You’d call that person a Genius. You’d pay them money. You might even bark like a dog begging for more.

Umm. I still don’t get it. Why don’t you stop channeling Steve Jobs and just tell me in plain English.

OK. I’ll slow down and use smaller words.  We choose great bread recipes over a subscription period. You choose which ones you want.  We bake every Saturday morning. We deliver it to you OR you pick it up. You eat it. You smile. You give us feedback. Repeat.


What kinds of bread are you going to bake? I get stressed out when there is a lot of uncertainty in my life.

You must hate Christmas and surprise birthday parties.  But to reduce your stress (besides recommending a yoga class, aromatherapy, or a moonlit stroll), we have posted the line-up for the current subscription on the Shop page of our site.  It provides info on both our Classic varieties and our Premium loaves.  Go check it out and let your anxiety drift away.

OK, I feel a little better. But what if we try a loaf and don’t like it? What then?

Bread Dude believes you should love the bread. So while we work hard to make each loaf fantabulous, our policy is simple: If you don’t love it, just let us know. You’ll get a bonus loaf of your choice from a future week at no additional cost to make up for it.

My favorite store-bought breads all have groovy ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, calcium propionate, ethoxylated mono and diglycerides,and calcium peroxide. I dig that stuff and red dye #40. I can’t live without them.

Bummer for you. If we can’t spell it, we don’t put it in our bread. And our spelling isn’t great.

But without those awesome preservatives, won’t my bread spoil in like 3 minutes? How do I care for a newborn Bundle of Joy? I’m stressed out by all of this responsibility!!!

OK, breathe.  Count to 10. And listen carefully.

Your bread comes to you so fresh that it’s wrapped in paper. (You know bread isn’t fresh if it’s in plastic!) Assuming you get it home without completely snarfing it in the car (good luck with that), wait until it has completely cooled (usually several hours) before storing it in a plastic bag or plastic container.  If you plan to eat it in the first 48 hours, just keep it out of sunlight (so that you don’t get condensation in the bag) and slice off pieces as needed.

Our bread also freezes well. When it’s time to take it out, let it warm back up to room temperature on the counter. Then slice and eat. If the bread has dried out at all, a quick visit to the toaster usually brings it right back to life.

Click here for even more info about the care and eating of your Bundle of Joy.

OK, but how much does it cost?

Each loaf’s price and baking date is listed on the Shop page.  That’s where you will also find the magic buttons that allow you to purchase the bread. Please – Visit – Now.

Can we sign up for a partial subscription? We might not be in town for the whole subscription!

Can you have half a seat on an airliner flying to an exotic island in the Caribbean?

Why are you answering my questions with a question?

Can I get back to you about that?

Seriously, though we originally required ordering a whole subscription, we now allow you to create your own subscription. You can choose how many loaves and how many weeks you participate. Is that so totally American or what? (Oops, there’s another question…)

OK, wise guy. Are there a limited number of seats on your so-called “airplane?”

Hey, there’s no need to get testy.  Yes, like any subscription, we can only accommodate so many subscribers. Shall I regale you with my opera analogy? I didn’t think so.  Suffice it to say that when we’ve sold all of the “seats” (or loaves) in the subscription, it’s closed until the next subscription opens.

What’s the deadline for signing up for your mystery airplane to bread nirvana?

We close subscriptions at noon (sharp) the Friday prior to the first week of each subscription or when we sell out the available loaves for that subscription.

Will you deliver to to our house in Bumble?

If by Bumble, you mean Palatine/North Hoffman Estates then the answer is yes.  If you mean some other Bumble, I’m afraid not.  If you’re not sure, just drop us a line at and we’ll let you know if you’re in our delivery area.


What about nuts? We have nut allergies!

You can tell that Bread Dude is  a little nuts. But we know that nut allergies are no joking matter.  When we use a recipe with nuts, we will let you know beforehand exactly what nuts are in the bread in the ingredient list on our Shop page and on our labels.  If you are allergic to our bread (!), we will substitute that week’s non-nutty loaf or simply refund you that week’s portion of your subscription (your choice!).  The kitchen we use for Noonday’s bread subscription does have exposure to nuts, so those with severe allergies may want to take a pass.

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  1. what time/hours on this Saturday can I pick up my bread order in palatine? 09/09/2017

    1. Pickup is available at Cook, Cork, and Fork in downtown Palatine between noon and 3PM on baking days. See you then!

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